Cashflow Financing is designed for those businesses and individuals that are economically sound but need greater liquidity in the short run. You may, for instance, know that you have one or more large payments coming in but need financial resources in the interim. In such a case, Cashflow Finance provides a made to measure solution that spans the void so that you may continue trading healthily and collect the income due to you.

Cash flow funding is therefore a loan made today against expected (guaranteed) income tomorrow, which also forms the collateral that backs the loan. The repayment schedule is linked to the expected flows of cash, and while some offer long-term financing of this kind it is mostly regarded as a short-term convenience within the financial world. Bridge Help is an expert within this segment of the market and we provide solid financing against solid surety.

We analyse each case independently, so we treat you as an individual, ensuring that your EBITDA, order and interest repayments are within safe parameters before helping you fund your venture or business operations. In doing so we give you access to funds in the present, when you need them, and we use a transparent and business-friendly approach, as well as timely decision-making and minimal bureaucracy to ensure valuable time is not wasted. In sectors where speed and agility are of the essence, we provide a fast, efficient and convenient financial service that helps improve your liquidity, prepare for growth or make the most of a business opportunity.

Rather than just hand over the money and claim it back later, we work closely with our clients to ensure they have the benefit of our extensive financial, entrepreneurial and legal expertise. Speak to our professional teams if you are interested in Cashflow Financing.

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