Short-term loans are designed specifically to help individuals and businesses through periods when they need to bridge a financial gap to achieve their goals. For this reason, there are a series of different loan types created to suit specific situations. One of these is Buy to Let Finance, which provides the funding that makes it possible for investors to acquire property for the purpose of renting out.

It will let you acquire that rental property, student accommodation or hotel room as the beginning of your investment portfolio or an addition to your existing one. Today, an increasing number of people are investing in this way, and Buy to Let Finance can provide the means to achieve it, enabling you to act swiftly when you find the right property or properties to invest in. The system has worked well, making it possible for thousands of people to enter this kind of market and create or supplement their own retirement funds.

Naturally we study each application carefully, but once it has been approved funds are made available quickly and with a minimum of bureaucracy, so that our clients can move forward and acquire the rental property investment through our Buy to Let Financing. It forms a vital bridge in the period between initial acquisition and obtaining a long-term mortgage through which to ultimately service the loan and own the property outright.

The Buy to Let Finance options provided by Bridge Help are therefore short-term loans designed to help you acquire the assets without having to wait for lengthy mortgage approval. The latter can be in process once you already have the property in your possession, and the bridging loan will be paid off with interest once the full mortgage comes into effect. Speak to us if you need funding of this kind and we will study your case in detail and provide a quick response.

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