Businesses have specific needs when it comes to finance. You may want to invest in new equipment, order stock or hire new staff to fulfil a big order, or simply have the potential to grow and expand the company but need up front financing to make it happen. Our business loans can act as a bridge when normal financing is not enough or is declined.

You may also need funds for an investment, asset purchase or project, either in the form of equity or as a debt loan, or if desired as a mix of both. Debt is a standard form of loan, where financing is provided that will be repaid at an agreed later date. This can be from the proceeds of a business venture or through the commencement of a new longer-term form of financing. Short-term loans carry a greater inherent risk than with long-term financing, which is reflected in the interest rates, but Bridge Help offers competitive market rates and will not let you risk your home as collateral.

Business financing in the form of equity can involve financing as a loan and/or in exchange for shares within a business. As part of the borrower’s commitment to the lender, the borrower becomes responsible for maintaining a strong stock valuation and the paying of dividends. To make the options more flexible and tailored to your needs, we also provide mixed debt and equity loan constructions, and we will advise you openly and honestly, providing you with the information needed to make informed decisions.

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