Auction Finance is a very specific type of Short-Term Loan that is geared specifically towards people who acquire property and similar assets at auction. Often these are experienced, professional investors with a clear project, business plan and timeframe – or in other words, exit strategy – in mind. For this we provide specialised solutions that suit the investors’ needs and allow them to make the most of great opportunities as and when they appear.

When you’re involved in auction buying you need to have the full security and peace of mind that the finances are sorted, and you have the means to act, bid and buy. Not everyone buys with cash, least of all business people, and since real estate is one of the most typical types of asset bought through auction, the sums involved can be quite large. Add renovation and/or repurposing costs and it becomes quite an undertaking.

Normal loans and mortgages take too long to arrange. If you tried it that way you would lose out on all the best opportunities and miss the boat, so do what the professional investors do and make use of specialised Short-Term Bridging Loans known as Auction Finance. Better yet, come to us first and once your application is approved you’ll be able to move swiftly and decisively – never held back by financial uncertainty – and you lay out your plans while preparing the sale of your new asset or arranging long-term mortgages.

Come to Bridge Help for specialised Auction Finance when you want to make the most of commercial opportunities.

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