Commercial Financing Loans and Individual Bridging Loans

Tailormade short-term financing solutions designed around businesses and individuals

Bridge Help has a high success rate and a proud track record of helping people access the right short-terming financing solutions to suit their specific circumstances. For many, a bridging loan can span the period between two sets of conventional financing. It can also mean the difference between making that commercial venture or opportunity of a lifetime become a reality or not. Increasingly, banks and other mainstream financial institutions do not cater for small-scale investors, entrepreneurs and business owners, so many a great project is lost to the economy and above all its creators due to lack of funding.

We don’t want you to miss out on potential of this kind, so we work to fill the role that banks used to specialise in. Of course, we study each case thoroughly and objectively, working in a professional manner to critically assess your application, but once approved we work with you to ensure your vision gets our professional boost with a view to ensuring success. We use the same analytical tools as any other major financial institution, but the difference is we are here, we listen and we work with you. Ultimately, we judge our own success by our ability to help you meet your goals – be it realising an important business transaction, a development project or simply getting your personal or company finances back in order.

Our benefits are

Commercial Loans UK
  • We provide loans from £200,000 up to £10 million
  • Withroll-up, deduction or serviced interest options
  • Bridge Help offers a variety of repayment options
  • With no max LTV
  • And flexible interest rates from 0.8%
  • We use a clear, transparent fee structure with no surprises
  • Without credit checks
  • And we lend to individuals and companies

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