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Bridging Loans UK – Bridge Help’s expertise

Bridge Help is a bespoke finance company that specialises in offering the best bridging loan solutions in the UK. Fast and flexible, we build our service around your loan requirements. Click to view our different products and find the one that best suits your needs.

About Us

UK Bridging LoansBridge Help is a financial company with specialist expertise in short-term bridging loans and associated lending solutions.

Established and based in London, the management team has decades of experience in the financial, real estate and legal sectors, having worked in these fields both for established corporations and in entrepreneurial capacities. In addition to the credentials of our core team, Bridge Help also hires and works with highly qualified professionals whose track record speaks for itself.

We pride ourselves on an ethical and modern approach to our business, and can look back at having provided a broad range of short-term financing solutions that have helped people achieve their personal and business goals. Bridge Help is a healthy company in which we mitigate against risk by assessing each and every application independently, and using our depth of experience and knowledge to analyse the situation with a very high degree of accuracy.

What’s more, as a proprietary lender, we don’t need to raise funding from outside sources, banks or other financial institutions. As we lend our own money, your success is our success, and we work closely with you over the duration of the loan to ensure both our goals are met. Being the fund providers also means the credit and risk process is managed in-house, so your application won’t appear on any credit searches.

Why Us



If your situation changes during the course of the loan, we will listen and where possible accommodate the new circumstances



As specialists in unregulated bridging loans, we provide an alternative source of finance that can be more suitable and convenient than traditional funding



We have decades of experience in the real estate, finance and legal sectors, and have been in similar situations



Knowledge and experience plus clear focus allows us to assess loan applications effectively and understand your needs better



We use an open, transparent approach to our business, and if we can’t do something we’ll tell you



We don’t accept the family home as security



We don’t offer off-the-shelf packages – all our loans are bespoke, crafted to meet your needs

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