About Bridging Loans

Bridging loans are a fast, flexible and convenient form of short-term funding.

There are many different reasons why people look for bridging loans, from improving their liquidity and providing cashflow to bridging loans for a house purchase, or funding for specific enterprises or property development finance. This type of financing can therefore be used to help your business or personal finances in the short term, or to make possible a venture.

As a result, there are different types of bridging finance available that cater specifically to these circumstances. Bridge Help provides a comprehensive range of options that cover all the main short-term financing needs. We specialise in offering bespoke bridging solutions that are tailored to your situation, so our flexible approach means we can offer both debt and equity solutions, or a combination of both, and we treat each case individually.



Bridge Help is a bespoke finance company offering fast, flexible solutions to your bridging requirements. The management team has decades of entrepreneurial experience in the financial, real estate and legal sectors.


Bridge Help offers bespoke short-term financing solutions that are not standard, ‘off the shelf’ options but flexible and tailored to your needs and circumstances. Each situation is different, so we study each application individually, taking our time to look at it properly but always ensuring that we get back to you swiftly, with a definite answer.

We offer development finance, bridging loans, property development finance and also bridging loans for a real estate purchase. We have great experience in the finance, legal and real estate fields and can help you with both residential and commercial development requirements – and as we are the lenders there is no need to source your funding. This makes us faster and more flexible, giving us the independence to work with you and ensure your project is a success.

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We Take Pride in Offering

  • Offering competitively priced loans
  • Flexibility
  • Debt and equity finance solutions
  • Fast bridging loan decisions

Our Funding

  • We offer bridging loans from £200,000 to £10 million
  • Is secured against UK real estate assets
  • Includes bridging finance for different needs
  • Has no set criteria



Bridge Help is a bespoke finance company offering fast, flexible solutions to your bridging requirements. The management team has decades of entrepreneurial experience in the financial, real estate and legal sectors. As a proprietary lender, we don’t need to raise funding from outside sources, banks or other financial institutions.

Case Studies

A landowner with planning permission approached Bridge Help for financial assistance in covering the period between his traditional lender calling in their loan early and unexpectedly and the point at which the sale of the land to a developer could be completed. Bridge Help successfully refinanced the loan on to a 364 day loan.



What Clients Say

Our business was ready to move to the next level when we received a big order. It was fantastic news for us but it did stretch our resources as we had to invest in new staff and more production capacity. The banks didn’t want to help us out and we would have had to forfeit the lucrative new contract or become financially exposed had we not been able to arrange a business loan with Bridge Help. They not only reacted fast but even helped with business advice and how to leverage the loan to get the most out of it.

Ian Williams

Business Owner

What Clients Say

My husband and I were on the lookout for a fantastic deal to start our buy to let portfolio, and when we found it I immediately got in touch with Bridge Help, who had been recommended by friends. They enabled us to get in early and snap up the property thanks to a specialised short-term loan, which we paid off when the high street mortgage kicked in. If we’d had to wait for the banks we would have lost too much time and with it the property, which is now a big part of our pension plan for the future.

Susan Phillips

Buy to Let

What Clients Say

We were in the process of selling building land to a developer when our bank unexpectedly called in our loan early. A transaction of this kind takes much longer than a normal house sale. With the negotiations, reports and documentation it can take months, so we were saved by the bridging loan provided by Bridge Help. They were easy to deal with, clear and concise and their assistance helped us the interim period, making it possible to complete the sale to the developer and turning a potentially messy situation into a smooth one.

Scott Anderson

Land Purchase

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